Tuesday, 14 December 2010


So I have started my designs based on my theme of change over time (I will try and upload the photos soon). I have based the designs on emotions, and have used a time from my life to represent this, it's based over two years. I was slightly unsure about this, as I have gone through some fairly hurtful things, and being so open about it can be hard. However I have ignored my uncertainties and gone for it.

Isn't it funny how dramatically our lives can change over such a short period of time?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tattoo artists

In my opinion tattooing is an art form, a tattoo is a piece of art on the skin, and I think their fantastic. They can be so beautiful and personal.
I used to be a fan of Miami Ink, a television show about a tattoo shop in Miami, they create such wonderful, unique pieces of art, it's incredible. One Tattooist in particular stood out to me, and that is why I have chose to write about her for my current brief. Kat Von D is an extremely talented tattooist, and is probably best known for her portraits. 

Below are a few examples of skilfully created tattoo's:

(All images below are taken from google, I don't own any of them.)

Kat Von D

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Not so new brief and my chosen theme. :)

I apologise for my lack of posts, I have been busy.

So we are on to a new brief, well, okay, not so new, we have been working on it for about two weeks now, but this is my first blog post about it.
I have had to choose a theme to base designs of a skirt on, and after much deliberation I have settled on the theme of Time, and change.
Everything seems to revolve around time, and change is one of those things. As humans, we change in some way over time, technology changes over time, places change over time, everything.
I'm not 100% sure on how I'm going to portray this concept through my designs, however I am happy with my theme and hope that ideas will come with time.