Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kelly Smith, contemporary illustrator

During my research into illustrators, I came across Kelly Smith.

Kelly Smith is an Australian illustrator who specializes in fashion and portraits.

Kelly Smith takes her inspiration from Fashion, Film and Fairy Tale to create a soft, feminine and natural energy within her work.

I personally love Kelly Smith's work; I like her attention to detail as I feel it gives her the ability to capture the likeliness of her subjects. I think her soft shades and pastel colour palette works really well!

Unit 127: Fashion Visualisation

We have now moved on to another brief, within this brief we are looking at illustrators and illustrating ourselves.

I've been looking into a variety of contemporary and historical illustrators, and documenting my research in a file for when I am ready to start experimenting by recreating their work and illustrating myself.

Example of contemporary illustration.
Artist: Cassandra Rhodin

Example of historical illustrator.
Artist: Charles Dana Gibson

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The making of my trousers!

For pattern cutting I will be creating a pair of trousers from my previous post about the ASOS Africa capsule collection.


I began by working out what fabric I would be using. Instead of sticking to organic jersey and traditional african print as I had planned, I wanted to be a little more experimental with the choice of fabric, I have decided that I will use a patchwork coloured silk that is woven so that it appears different colours from different angles.

Capsule collection for ASOS Africa A/W 11/12

Since looking closer at ASOS Africa I have created my own capsule collection that I feel would work for their brand. I designed this collection looking at my previous research into the brand, and research into two current trends; Clashing Patterns and Fabrics, and Androgynous Tailoring.

Above are a few examples of the Pattern Clash trend that I have tried to incorporate into my designs.

Below are a few examples of the Androgynous Tailoring trend.

I will add images of my capsule collection to this post as soon as possible :) 

I would use Traditional African Prints within my designs which would have already been created.