Friday, 2 March 2012

Creating my trousers! The toile..

I took the design from a previous brief on ethical fashion. I had to use a fabric that had little stretch, as it may effect the shape and fit of my garment, so I decided to toile in calico as it had little elasticity. I started by changing the pattern piece to suit my design, I then cut these pieces out in fabric, there were lots of different pieces so I labeled them all to save confusion.

I then sewed each section together with a basic 1.5cm seam allowance, there was a lot of sewing but it was pretty basic as long as I didn't mix the pieces up!

I went on to sew each trouser leg in this way, and then sew each trouser leg to one another. I feel that nothing went disastrously wrong, however the strips through my trousers were supposed to match up at the seams and didn't, but that didn't matter too much.
I will put some pictures up shortly of the finished product. :)