Wednesday, 18 January 2012

FMP, writing the brief and inspirational pictures!

So for our final major project (FMP) we have to write our own brief that is discussed and then agreed on with our tutor. This involves creating our own time management plan, picking where to begin our research, where we will be finding our inspiration from, etc.

As the starting point for my theme is eco-friendly fashion and nature, I have decided to begin my research by visiting museums based around nature, looking at my surroundings and perhaps looking at some books on nature or sustainable design.

Below are a few pictures that I find quite interesting and possibly inspirational..

I think that these images help remind me that although there is a lot of beauty and peace in nature, there is also a lot of destruction.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Final Major Project!

So we have been given the brief for our Final Major Project, where we will be working toward and designing our collection for the Mid Cheshire Fashion Show.

I have chosen to base my collection on eco fashion and nature, this is the starting point for my research so my concept may change later on.

I'm really excited about this project as looking in to eco fashion in a previous brief really interested me, I will enjoy experimenting with and researching in to it further. :)