Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Unit 7: Design Methods in Art and Design.

For this Unit I have been researching into Equality and Diversity. I created a mind map and have been looking more closely at different topics within this mind map. I have used shape development through out, which I feel has helped me to not limit my imagination.
From looking at Equality and diversity, I was given the topic 'Sexuality' to research into. I started off by getting the dictionary definition of Sexuality.

-The condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex.
-The quality or state of being sexual, one's need for closeness, caring and touch.
-Concern with sexual activity.
-Sexual identity.
-Sexual character or potency.

From this, I created a mind map, and researched in to and used shape development fo different aspects of sexuality, such as sexual orientation, sexualised images, transvestites, androgynous dress, etc.

Below are a few examples of my shape development and research.

Shep development for Sexual orientation.

Shape development for Grayson Perry.

Page for Transvestites.

Shape development for Nan Goldin.

Page for Gay Pride.

Page for Jeffree Star.

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