Friday, 1 April 2011

Unit 4: Communication through Art and Design

For this brief I have looked at Brand's ways of advertising. I have looked at Chanel's No 5 television advert, I like the way it is made as a short film, and imagine they would have spent a lot money to create it. I feel that this advert is very effective, and portrays the brand image well.

I think that using television to advertise a product is often a lot more effective than advertising in a magasine or on a billboard. I believe that this advertisement creates a sense of longing and desire, the colours used are rich and warm, and the song they play 'Billie Holiday- I'm a fool to want you' sets a classy, soft and elegant mood.
I feel that Chanel have taken every aspect of this advertisement in to consideration so that it accurately reflects their product and persuades viewers to buy it.

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