Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fitting my Garment

Today I was finally ready to fit my garment to the model, Lauren Preston. There was an air of uncertainty and nervousness in the room as this was my first time fitting a garment to a model, I sensed that perhaps it was her first time modelling too as she also seemed nervous and shy.

I was relieved to see that my dress fitted well, and only a few alterations will be needed. I will be taking in the sleeves slightly, taking it in at the back were the zip will be and shortening the hem. I will also sew the netting (was underskirt) to the waist facing, as the facing naturally tries to stick up, I feel that sewing the netting to the facing will help to weigh down the waist facing and therefor make it less visible and my dress more streamline.

Its fits! I have asked my model Lauren Preston to bring plain black heels with her for the Fashion Show.

I'm so glad that my dress fits, and can't wait to get it fully completed. :)


  1. hi dear! thanks for following!! awesome job, congratssss<3

    following back :)


  2. Great Job! it turned out wonderful! Thanks for comment and follow.. I returned the favor :)

    Don't be a stranger!

  3. It looks amazing! Good job! :)

    All the best, Angel

  4. so lovely, great job!!!

    xx Kelli