Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Since my last post, I have sewn on the embellishments to my front and back bodice, attached the facing to the bodice and attached my circle skirt.

 The diamond shaped embellishments for my bodice were quite time consuming as I had placed some of them wrongly and had to unpick. I also had to unpick some of the facing as originally I had forgotten to leave space for my shoulder sleeve to attach at the back, I have decided not to attach it yet as I don't know the measurements of my model, and feel it would be best to wait till I am called to fit my dress.

I still haven't completed my final garment, however I feel that I have achieved a lot today, and I am happy that I finally have the shell of the garment,  I am finally ready to fit my final design to the model! 

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  1. Love the sides of the dress! Very pretty.