Monday, 9 May 2011

My final design. :)

I started off by using my shape development for gay pride as a starting point to my designs.

Shape development for gay pride

My starting point
Through out my designs I have been developing them, taking inspiration from my mood board and previous research into sexuality.

My mood board for sexuality.

I looked at various shapes that came through on my mood board and tried to incorporate them into my design, e.g: The sharp table legs, the volume and the broken shape on the left hand side of the board.

A few of my designs.

My final design! 

So here you have it, my final design. :) The layers and the sleeve has been inspired by my mood board, the bodice section has been developed from my starting point and the volume/gathering in the skirt section has been inspired by my research. This all communicates the celebration of sexuality. 

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