Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The last of my sampling and the start of my patterning and creating of the toile :)

So today I have managed to complete all of my sampling, and have now moved onto creating my toile. :)

For the last of my sampling, I have looked at the skirt area, and the gathering at the bottom. I originally gathered the outer layer, and the three layers of netting, but I don't feel that this is visually appealing, so I think on my actual design I will just have one layer of netting, and just gather the outer layer.

I then moved on to creating my patterns for the front and back bodice section. I used a close fitting bodice block, and altered the pattern pieces with design lines whilst it was on the mannequin.

Front bodice pattern with my design lines on.

Back bodice pattern with my design lines on.

 I then cut out my new pattern's out of Calico, and took in the darts. I feel that this part of my design is very simple and easy to create as it is so basic.

Front bodice

Back bodice

I have began to create the strips of fabrics to hold the front and back bodice together at the sides, they will measure two centimetres in width and be cut on the bias grain, however I will be completing these tomorrow.
I feel that today has been successful, as I have been able to complete my sampling.

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