Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sampling of the sleeve

Today I began to sample the sleeve for my final design, i felt that this would be a difficult area because the sleeve is divided into sections and held together by two pieces of fabrics.

My sleeve design.

I began by tracing around a sleeve pattern piece, from this I divided the pattern into 8cm sections, leaving gaps were sleeve would not be needed. I ended up with three pattern pieces.

my pattern pieces for sleeve.

 Cut out smaller strips of fabrics on the bias grain to hold the bigger sections together. I decided that I would interface one section of the sleeve to see wether or not this would be better. 

Sampling of my sleeve.

The middle section is the interfaced section, I feel that it works better when interfaced as the fabric hold it's structure and it is more visually appealing. I found this sampling very tedious, however I'm glad that I have done it as I could have fixed any issues, and I feel more confident with my chosen design now.

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