Wednesday, 11 May 2011

started sampling

Today I have started sampling my final design from a previous post, I have found four possible problem area's, which are the side section, the decorative fabric attached to the bodice, the sleeve and creating volume around the waist. I have sampled the side section today, and feel that my first sample was successful, so I will use this technique for my final garment. I have also began to sample the fabric attached to the bodice, looking at other designer's work to help me.

-Picture of side section-

I was originally thinking of using elastic to hold the front and back section of the bodice together, however I feel that this would fall into a fad/high street category so I have decided to instead use a fabric strip.

-Picture of designers decorative fabric maybe?-

^^^ If so: I have chosen to look at these features as I feel they are similar to what i would like to create, and they are very effective visually.

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